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Global Business Leaders (GBL) is an APU student organization, which was founded in July 2008 by Michael Wu for students who wish to further their leadership skills. The primary aim of GBL is to provide a place in which students can learn and practice leadership skills. Rather than a classroom environment with a strict student-teacher hierarchy, GBL is a more relaxed setting which allows any student who chooses to lead activities or discussion on a topic of their interest. Many of these discussions involve management case studies or issues related to the corporate world.

One of our weekly activities in session

Since its beginning, GBL has taken the responsibility of organizing APU’s internal Business Case Challenge and Business Entrepreneurship Contest. Every semester we also run the Self Development Camp as well as the Graduation Gala. All of our events are run entirely by voluntary students who take this opportunity to advance their leadership skills, gain experience in the area of large-scale event organization and give their fellow students the opportunity to stretch themselves to their full potential. On top of this, GBL has one of the most extensive Alumni networks available in APU with past students located right across the globe.

1st Ever Virtual Gala 2020
GBL 10th Anniversary Gala

Composed of students across the world, another of GBL’s primary concerns is the fostering of friendships and good relations amongst a highly diverse group of students. All GBL activities involve a significant degree of teamwork, which can be challenging when the majority of those working with you do not share a common culture or belief system. However, with a mix of domestic Japanese students, international students and short term exchange students, young and old, all GBL members strive to overcome these difficulties and use the experience to assist their friends, classmates and other GBL members facing similar challenges.

GBL Staffs for Business Case Challenge 2018 Fall

Finally, as an organization, we grow by getting out of our comfort zone. We have adapted and improvised our activities to ensure that we can continuously conduct them despite the challenges of remote learning due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to soon shift our activities to online and conduct our various activities as we usually do. We at GBL strongly believe through the events and activities we host, students can learn what it takes to be a global leader. Therefore, when conducting events online, we at GBL focused on providing the same learning and experience as if they were conducted in a physical environment.

Other events that GBL has organized in the past include:

GBL Structure

GBL is operated similarly like that of corporate business. The circle is led by a CEO and CFO with a group of senior managers. The group is overlooked and guided by the board of directors which comprises of past leaders of GBL.

GBL 2019 Fall Structure

GBL Alumni

As mentioned earlier, our alumni have been an important for our organization for over a decade of operating. To learn more, be sure to visit our dedicated page for alumni below.